What To Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket

Sometimes we can’t help but go above the speed limit or drive in the HOV lane when we shouldn’t. However, these can often result in traffic tickets that can have consequences as small as fines and as big as jail time if left unanswered.

What should you do if you get a traffic ticket? The most important thing when you get a traffic ticket in New York State is DO NOT IGNORE it. Make sure you answer it by the date stated on the ticket. If you fail to respond by the date provided, your license will be suspended for failure to answer a ticket. A license suspension can then carry other consequences which include greater fines and even jail time if you then drive with a suspended license.

What does answering a ticket mean? Answering the ticket requires either a plea of guilty or not guilty. As a lawyer, I believe its always better to fight the ticket and enter a plea of not guilty. It’s the county’s burden to prove the charges against you. Why not put them to that test. By pleading not guilty, regardless of the situation and facts, you may put yourself in a position for a reduced plea or even a dismissal. In addition, you might be able to request documentation from the court that if it’s not provided within a certain period of time you can move to have your tickets dismissed.  When you plead not guilty you will be given a future court date, where you should bring a lawyer that can represent and protect your rights and get you the best results possible.

If you or someone you know has gotten a traffic ticket contact Danielle M. Papa at (516) 238-6601 to fight for your rights.

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