What to do if there’s a Warrant for Your Arrest

If you have too many unpaid tickets, have fled the scene of a crime scene, or are accused of a crime, you could have a warrant out for your arrest and you may not even know it! What does this mean? It means that if there is a warrant out for you the police can arrest you at any time and hold you until you go before a  judge. Consequently, you could spend a significant amount of time in jail when you least expect it.  Further, by not voluntarily appearing in Court, the judge will most likely view you as a ‘flight risk’ and set bail on you.  Now you will not be released from jail until someone posts your bail  Had you gone through the proper channels initially, depending on your charges, much of this aggravation could have been avoided.

How do you address a warrant for your arrest? There are several ways. If warrant is for an arrest of new charges you can arrange a voluntary surrender with the assigned detective. This means you can answer the matter during a convenient time for you and not have to worry about the police arresting you when you least expect it. If the warrant is for failing to appear in court you have to go to the court and vacate the warrant. This requires going before a judge who will ask you why you failed to appear in court the first time around. The judge could set bail on you if they don’t like your excuse. Either alternative is better than being arrested without a moment’s notice.

What’s the best alternative? The best alternative would be to stay out of trouble. However, if you find out that there is a warrant out for your arrest you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible in order to help you through this legal matter.

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