Suffolk County NY to Establish Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

When you receive a traffic ticket, the manner in which it can be resolved depends on the location that you received it in.  Some courts engage in plea bargaining while others do not.

If you are ‘lucky’ enough to get a ticket in an area that engages in plea bargaining you could

  1. you can enter a plea of guilty and pay the fine;
  2. go to court and try to have the ticket reduced; or
  3. ignore it and have your license suspended for failing to answer the ticket.

If you are unlucky and get a ticket in a location that does not plea bargain your options include

  1. entering a plea of guilty and pay the fine
  2. go to court for a trial before a judge;
  3. ignore it and have your license suspended for failing to answer the ticket.

Suffolk County, New York is one location that does not engage in plea bargaining.  Suffolk County traffic matters are handled in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) whereby your matter is heard before an administrative judge who presides over the trial of your matter.  The administrative judge listens to the testimony of the police officer who issued you your ticket and any testimony that you provide.  Unlike in criminal court where the burden of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt”, the burden of proof in a TVB matter is at a lower standard of “clear and convincing evidence”.  More often times than not you are found guilty and are thereby stuck with points and a fine.

This coming April 2013 it is expected that Suffolk County is going to establish its own Traffic and Parking Violations Agency.  What this means is that a motorist who receives a traffic ticket in Suffolk should be able to plea bargain their ticket. This is a huge win for the motorists as winning a traffic matter in Suffolk is extremely difficult.  The law still has to be signed by the governor before it goes into effect.

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