Driving With a Suspended License

Most of us need our driving licenses on a daily basis for so many things – work, school, errands, and other tasks – so a suspension can be a terrible thing and maybe something that you may want to avoid. … Continue reading

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What to do if there’s a Warrant for Your Arrest

If you have too many unpaid tickets, have fled the scene of a crime scene, or are accused of a crime, you could have a warrant out for your arrest and you may not even know it! What does this … Continue reading

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Suffolk County NY to Establish Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

When you receive a traffic ticket, the manner in which it can be resolved depends on the location that you received it in.  Some courts engage in plea bargaining while others do not. If you are ‘lucky’ enough to get … Continue reading

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Consequences of a Chemical Test Refusal – First Offense

When you show up for your first court appearance you will be advised by the judge that you license will be temporarily suspended because you refused to submit to a chemical test. You will then be provided with a form … Continue reading

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Should a Suspect Refuse a Chemical Test For Driving While Intoxicated

Family, friends and clients ask me this question all the time. Unfortunately, there is no simple or correct answer. Many factors play into the decision to blow or not to blow. Was there an accident involving serious death or physical … Continue reading

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